A review of Dakan: the first West African gay-themed film

Dakan [1997] is an 87-minute French and Mandinkan language award-winning African gay-themed film written and directed by Mohamed Camara.?The film has been described as the?first West African film to deal with homosexuality. The drama-film Dakan is a proof that homosexuality has always been an issue in the African society; yet, none can deny the surety … Read moreA review of Dakan: the first West African gay-themed film

Support Gambian gay refugee (Update)

While I was sleeping in the street I met an old friend online whom I explained my situation. My story touched him so much that he helped me to open the gofundme account so that I will have other people help me.

In the meantime we were chatting, I was facing so much difficulties in terms of feeding and health issues that I told him that I was gonna sell my phone to buy food and do some check for my health. Because the situation was getting worse and very stressful. He couldn’t support that but send me 100 euro which I am using for feeding at the moment.

I couldn’t receive the money on my name because I was attacked one night while I was sleeping in the street and the attackers took my bag where I kept all my documents. But luckily I had my phone under my pillow so it wasn’t stolen that night. When I met my old friend online and explained my situation, he asked for a name to send the money.

I was so worried because I had no documents and had no one until I checked my phone and saw a Senegalese friend who help me receive the money and accommodate me at his family house which is full but I was let to be sleeping in their balcony that’s where I’m at the moment. It’s not so comfortable but at least am out of the street and I still had some money of the ?100 to be spending on foods but am not sure if it’s going to take me long

Your help and support is highly welcome. Save me and save your brother.


Support Gambian gay refugee


Hello, I Am Gambian refugee. I had a problem with my family. They found out that I am gay. My father was to call the neighborhood to come together and beat us to death because being a homosexual is punishable by death and am a disgrace to our family. That’s why I don’t deserve to live.

Senegal is not much safer. 2 months I shared an apartment where I could sleep and cook. Our land lord evicted me when he became aware of my LGBTQ status. I became homeless.

The first donations I would get i will wanna try to get a new place. It’s really difficult here in Senegal. I have been facing discrimination, homeless and lack of food as I have been in the street for 2 weeks and am getting sick because of the cold and also i need medical attention and i didn’t get.

I really need an immediate help because I don’t eat for 2 days. The ones who supposed to help me failed to understand that I can’t go back home because they think that it’s only those who have problem with the government really can’t go back home. I explain to them that I have been banned by my family and community and been threatened to get killed.

I really need help!


Thank you!
Gambian gay refugee*

My name and details are known by Abu Rihanna Camara (GayGambia.com). They are just helping me to get started in Senegal. 100% of the raised money will go to help me.

Gay rapper Le1f is embraced by His World and the Mainstream

In the kitchen of a 1940s-era diner in Jersey City, the rapper known as Le1f swayed beneath ancient photos of Sylvester Stallone and Mike Tyson. It was early March, and he was shooting a video for his song “Boom,” with familiar hip-hop imagery abundant: medallions, weed being hot-boxed in a Jeep, a Brooklyn Nets jersey. … Read moreGay rapper Le1f is embraced by His World and the Mainstream

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