Support Gambian gay refugee


Hello, I Am Gambian refugee. I had a problem with my family. They found out that I am gay. My father was to call the neighborhood to come together and beat us to death because being a homosexual is punishable by death and am a disgrace to our family. That’s why I don’t deserve to live.

Senegal is not much safer. 2 months I shared an apartment where I could sleep and cook. Our land lord evicted me when he became aware of my LGBTQ status. I became homeless.

The first donations I would get i will wanna try to get a new place. It’s really difficult here in Senegal. I have been facing discrimination, homeless and lack of food as I have been in the street for 2 weeks and am getting sick because of the cold and also i need medical attention and i didn’t get.

I really need an immediate help because I don’t eat for 2 days. The ones who supposed to help me failed to understand that I can’t go back home because they think that it’s only those who have problem with the government really can’t go back home. I explain to them that I have been banned by my family and community and been threatened to get killed.

I really need help!

Thank you!
Gambian gay refugee*

My name and details are known by Abu Rihanna Camara ( They are just helping me to get started in Senegal. 100% of the raised money will go to help me.

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