Dutchman fined for gay “indecency” in Gambia

A 79-year-old man from the Netherlands has been found guilty of indecency with several Gambian men. A court in Banjul sentenced Frank Boers to pay 100,000 Gambian dalasis (£2,500) in lieu of a two year prison sentence, Afrik.com reports. Mr Boers was arrested at the city’s international airport on December 23rd when officials found he … Read moreDutchman fined for gay “indecency” in Gambia

Gambian police arrests “gay tourists”

Authorities in Gambia have arrested two Spanish men for allegedly making “homosexual proposals” to taxi drivers, police said Monday. The arrests come less than three weeks after Gambia’s president ordered homosexuals to leave the West African country and threatened in a nationally televised speech to “cut off the head” of anyone discovered to be gay. … Read moreGambian police arrests “gay tourists”

Gambia’s President declares war on gay community

Gay men and lesbians must leave the country within 24 hours or face “serious consequences,” the President of Gambia said on Thursday. President Yahya Jammeh turned on homosexuals and foreigners in an address at a victory celebration rally in Tallinding. The Daily Observer reported that the President had issued: “An ultimatum to homosexuals, drug dealers, thieves … Read moreGambia’s President declares war on gay community

Call for action against bogus AIDS cures

A leading human rights group has called on the United Nations to act against the proliferation of unproven treatments for AIDS. An article published in the peer-reviewed journal Globalisation and Health, Human Rights Watch cited examples of the promotion of these remedies in countries as diverse as Zambia, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, India, and Zimbabwe. … Read moreCall for action against bogus AIDS cures

In Gambia, AIDS cure or false hope?

Banjul, Gambia – At the only hospital in the capital of this tiny West African nation, a 3-year-old AIDS patient named Suleiman receives his daily dose of medication — a murky brown concoction of seven herbs and spices served out of a bottle that once contained pancake syrup. The boy is told a spoonful a … Read moreIn Gambia, AIDS cure or false hope?

Maryland man fights deportation to Gambia Gay

It is no simple feat to obtain a student visa and an airline flight in one month’s time. But at the point Yorro Kuyateh fled his native Gambia for the United States, the impossible seemed easier to face than what he said is the inevitable: a lifetime of periodic imprisonment and vicious beatings for his … Read moreMaryland man fights deportation to Gambia Gay

Homosexuals and HIV/Aids

The story of the ostrich is an interesting one. When in the presence of grave danger, it prefers to bury its head in the ground, believing erroneously that by doing so that is by pretending that the danger does not exist, the danger will quietly go away! Perhaps the ostrich is a believer of the … Read moreHomosexuals and HIV/Aids