Court to rule on ‘homosexuals’ bail application


The three Gambians charged with engaging in homosexual acts yesterday applied for bail at the High Court in Banjul before Justice Abi. The accused persons Alieu Sarr, Momarr Sowe and Modou Lamin Bittaye are facing multiple charges of unnatural offences and conspiracy. Counsel L.S. Camara, S. Jahateh and Gaye Coker represented Alieu Sarr and Momarr … Read more

The Pata PJ Vault: If my child were gay


When I saw the headlines on a suspected Gambian gay man allegedly tortured to near death, I was filled with rage, embarrassment and disgust, that the government of the Gambia had finally practicalized their threats to homosexuals. International media reported that he feared he was going to die as he was reportedly seen rushed to … Read more

Alleged homosexuals deny any wrongdoing


Three Gambians alleged to have been engaged in homosexual acts in the country and diverse places yesterday appeared at the High Court in Banjul before Justice Abi. The three suspects – Alieu Sarr, Momarr Sowe and Modou Lamin Bittaye – were charged with six counts of unnatural offences and conspiracy, which they all denied. Counsel … Read more

Condemn the imprisonment, torture, and threats of execution faced by the LGBT community in Gambia.


The Coca Cola company has long claimed to support the LGBT community, and to “not condone intolerance or discrimination of any kind anywhere in the world.” Yet in Gambia, home to a major Coca Cola facility in West Africa, they have said and done nothing while people suspected of being gay are imprisoned, tortured, and … Read more