‘I will not change’- President Jammeh tells security forces

‘I will not change’- President Jammeh tells security forces

Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh on Saturday January 10 said he would not alter his governance system to allow practices that will offend God the Almighty.

Addressing hundreds of security forces at a march past held at July 22 Square in Banjul, the President said:  ”I will not change; I would rather die than support vices that would offend the Almighty Allah in the name of freedom. There is no freedom in vice…in criminal behaviour…in satanic attitudes.

“Gambians have their own values…the values of this country, how we live and our democracy can never  be decided and dictated by foreign capitals. If saying “No” to what is evil or un-Godly and if defending  the dignity of my country and Africa as a people constitutes being a dictator, then I am a proud dictator whether they like it or not.

“Let me warn those countries that think they are powers. They may be evil powers, but The Gambia is a righteous power protected by God. We will prevail by the grace of the Almighty Allah. All forces of evil that have bad intention towards The Gambia will perish. We will not change our way of life.

“Let me make it very clear, that if they think that they can be homosexuals and want to impose homosexuality on the globe, they are doomed. They say I am intolerant, now they created a new minority just the same as they created chairperson…and that homosexuals are a minority that is being oppressed in this country.

“The Bible that came first condemns homosexuality and the Bible is the book of the Almighty Allah and the Quran. These are the words of the Almighty Allah telling human beings how to live and worship him, so that he will bless us and protect us.

“All the religious books condemn homosexuality and there is a so-called power of democracy that says that homosexuality is a right. All empires before collapsed not at the time they were weakest, but at the peak of their might and when they equated themselves with the Almighty Allah. So this evil empire of homosexuals will also go down the dirty drain and garbage of hell.

“I thank the Almighty Allah for giving me a country and a people that worship only Him. 99.99 percent of the Gambian population worships the Almighty Allah. Allah-fearing people and that includes you the armed and security services of this country. Whether you are in uniform or not, 99.99 percent of the Gambian people are God-fearing patriotic citizens who are ready to die to defend this country.

“Members of the armed and security services, I salute you! It is this virtue of Gambians to live and serve only the Almighty Allah and live decently for Allah to be their friend and to develop their country in dignity, peace and stability that every patriotic Gambian is ready to die for this country.

“Remember the first empire that racists do not want to appreciate and acknowledge was the Egyptian Empire. One of the Pharaohs became so powerful that he said he is God. God sent his messenger, Musa, and his brother Harun to go and tell him to change his ways and to stop enslaving the because of Israel because it was unjust.

“When they went, the Pharaoh asked him who this God that you are talking about is. He [Pharoah] said you [Musa], you are just a sorcerer but you see evil people when they equate themselves with God, they turn into donkeys without knowing it.

“So he [Pharoah] said to Musa let’s see you, your God and me, who is the strongest. What did he rely on? Magic! Allah told Moses, ‘Oh Musa, don’t be afraid. Let them cast their magic first and your stick drop it and it will swallow their magic.’ When this happened, all those who were misled and feared the Pharaoh but they had a sense of justice and acceptance of the truth in their hearts, said ‘Allahu Akbar,’ we are with the God of Musa.

“He turned around and said, ‘Oh you now want to betray me and go to the God of this sorcerer? They [his deserters] said yes because there is only one God. He [Pharaoh] said I will not do what he [Musa] wants; I will not release the people of Israel.

“ Allah told Moses to lead his people out [of the city] but they said well we have the sea [to cross]. Allah said I created you and the sea; so go and cross the sea and this man will perish in the sea and he perished.

“After that was the Greek Empire and if you look at ancient Greek writing, the letters are same as those of the Egyptian Empire.

“In fact, the art of writing started in Africa. The name paper came from ‘Papyrus’ and this was invented      in Israel. There was a tree on the River Nile that they used to turn into a paper for writing. The Greeks called it Papyrus.

“The Greek Empire was there and they became so powerful that they started naming different gods; the god of the sun, and the Greek emperor was the supreme god. Allah said, ‘you didn’t learn a lesson from Egypt,’ The Greek Empire perished.

“This gave rise to the Roman Empire and it became so powerful and then it coincided with the rise of Christianity. What happened? One of the emperors [in Rome] became so powerful that he collected taxes all over the world. This was why up to 20 years ago; Latin was very popular even in law.

“But the Roman emperor said, ‘I am god and others are minor gods. I will do whatever I want and let me see who dares challenge me. I am god.’ Then he looked at what Allah prevented and what Christianity condemned, he said, ‘Oh yes, I have had all types of women, from virgins to old women.Now I will go for young men.’

“So he introduced homosexuality and took the young men that he wanted. Allah said, ‘oh, you are crossing our line. The Christians said that is abomination and he started persecuting them. Allah said, ‘ hehe, you didn’t learn a lesson from the Greeks, didn’t you hear the story of the Pharaoh?Your empire would end.’ It ended! This gave birth to other empires.

“The Ottoman Empire was a Muslim empire which ruled up to Europe. During the persecution of  Christians [at the time] of the Inquisition – the Dark Ages of Europe, the Ottoman Empire stood up and saved the Christians. Nobody, no Ottoman emperor called Christianity a terrorist religion or a religion of violence, despite the fact that if you say No to the Pope or whoever, you can be crucified or burnt.

“The Ottoman Empire went, and came the His or Her Majesty’s the British Empire. They used to say we are all subjects, we are not human beings…that all people who lived in the colonies were subjects.They were the masters. ‘Rule Britannia rule, Britain can never be ruled.’ They had forgotten that only God rules.

“Today we know the true story, who is ruling Britain. From a colonial master to a colony of another country that was a former colony.

“Only the Almighty Allah can never be ruled. Anybody else will be ruled! So those satanic forces that today hate Islam so much and even Christianity; they do not only hate Muslims, they hate anybody who believes in God.

“That is why in some parts of the world, if you were a cross in the public, you can be prosecuted for that, more so to wear a veil in public.

“But homosexuals can kiss each other in broad daylight and be applauded by the same governments. People that say ‘Allahu Akbar’ will be arrested. People that say ‘Hallelujah’ Jesus Christ our lord will be arrested.

“The religions belong to the Almighty Allah and if you fight against any religion, you are not fighting those who practise that religion, you are fighting against Allah and you will perish sooner or later.

“So for the Gambian people, good Muslims and Christians around the world who believe in God, be steadfast in your belief that only the Almighty Allah can never be ruled.

“We as a country will rule ourselves based on our religion, our belief in the Quran and the Holy Bible.

“What Allah said is haram [prohibited], we are not going to accept it. We are not going to sacrifice the love of Allah at the altar of foreign aid. We are not a beggar nation. We will rather eat mud.We will worship the Almighty Allah and eat mud if that is going to be; because that is going to be the will of Allah than eat hamburger and chocolates and whatever and become homosexuals and offend the Almighty Allah.

“That is why it is not by coincidence that from 1994, we came up with independence, probity and accountability and national pride. How can you have national pride and independence if you cannot feed yourself? That was why from day one, I said let’s go back to the land. Evil misguided satanic force supported by the West, called the opposition, said he [President Jammeh] has nothing to tell you except to turn you into farmers. Is it a crime to be a farmer? Is it un-Godly to be a farmer? Is it satanic to be a farmer? When you go against farmers, you are denying one principle of the Almighty Allah.

“Fellow Gambians, gallants officers and men and women of the armed and security services, our true friends, members of the diplomatic corps, we will not fall into that. If history is anything to go by, history is very important.

“Yesterday, today and tomorrow is very important. The world is three days. What happened yesterday led to suffering and we will not follow the footpath of Satan. We will follow the footpath of the Almighty Allah and His messengers.

“In a nutshell, remember that when you leave Allah and follow Satan, no matter a how powerful group you are, there is no power that can challenge the power of the Almighty Allah.

“Therefore, we Gambians, we will not be colonised twice; we will not be enslaved twice; we will never be misled twice.

“So for the members of the armed forces, don’t think that we have a small armed force. We have the greatest armed forces in the world.

“If you remember during the Jihad, the Prophet had few men that were surrounded, but Allah said to him, ‘don’t be afraid, you have a bigger force that you cannot see.’ When they attacked, even the birds were throwing pelts at the enemies, and they perished.

“So you, don’t think that The Gambia has a small armed forces. We have the greatest armed forces in the world because we are backed by the Almighty Allah. We are not afraid of any country [regardless] of whatever arms you have. I challenge you to touch The Gambia again and I will teach you a lesson.

“From 1994 to date, from 11/11 you know what I am talking about to all the previous coups, the Kartong attack and the Farafenni attack, we have prevailed and by the grace of the Almighty Allah,we will always prevail because we are a superpower of peace and love. We are a superpower of Allah,the Almighty because we are protected and we worship the Almighty Allah alone and nobody else and, therefore, the Almighty Allah, the power we are afraid of and the power we worship and that is the only power that will protect us.

“I want to thank you for coming, but even if you didn’t come forward and march, there is one banner that said, ‘friendship should not only be in words, but it should also be with meaning.’ In front of me,there is a banner that says, ‘the fastest way to die is to live a lie.’ There is nothing I should teach you about loyalty.

“You cannot teach an imam about how to be an imam because he is already one. You people are very loyal. But let me also make it clear, that if I want an army of two million Gambians, will have a loyal army of two million dedicated Gambians. So you are not alone. Finally, let me make it very clear, we will fight terror with terror, violence with violence and we will give peace for peace, love for love.

“I apologise to the British ambassador that we may also have Gambian dissidents there, but up to now, none came from Britain. And I also want to make it very clear, I am a true Muslim, Gambians are true Muslims and true Muslims will never hate other human beings.

“Let me make it very clear, that even the United States of America, I am not an enemy to the people of the United States of America. I am not an enemy to the government of the United States of America. We are not enemies to the people of the United States of America, but we will not be dictated to.

“We may have problems with their government and their system which has nothing to do with the  common American people. American people are good people. So also is Britain. Many British citizens, retired civil servants, feel at home in The Gambia. So even if we have a problem with their government, we have no problem with the British people.

“You have seen for yourselves on New Year’s Eve, what one lady [Briton] said about The Gambia. She was not paid to say so, but she was saying the truth. The truth would always prevail.

“So far there has been no evidence of British support or involvement in this [State House attack] despite the fact that in their statement, they praised the British Commonwealth, the British government and the American government for their support.

“But I believe in the truth, so far there is no single Gambian or dissident from Britain who came to join them. So I’m very sorry. As a Muslim if you wrong someone, you should apologise. Whatever I say about the West, and I always hit on the British because they colonised us. They shouldn’t feel offended.”

Source: GambiaAffairs

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